If your driving licence is issued in a country outside the EU, Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands or Liechtenstein, you must exchange it for a Danish driving licence if you wish to drive whilst living in Denmark.

Note that your foreign driving licence is only valid for 90 days after you have moved permanently to Denmark.

In order to get a Danish driving license you will need to take both a theoretical and a practical test.

We have introduced two different "exchange driving packages". Please make a registration to the package that is best suited for you.


1. Exchange driving package - Online Access

You will have limited access (120 days) to the theory curriculum, which means that there will be no need to physically attend the regular classes ​at the driving school.

This package includes as follows:

  • ​Access to online theory (120 days) and police related theory tests​
  • ​2x45 practical lessons on the road (after you have passed the theory exam)
  • Administration charges
  • Driving test including warm up (45 min)

3800 kr

2. Exchange driving package - Theory classes

​You will attend theory classes according to the dates mentioned at our website . The classes will be held by a qualified instructor in english and will ensure a direct communication between student and teacher. ​ The prices for these two different can be seen as:​

This package includes as follows:

  • 8 Theory classes with teacher at driving school which lasts 6 - 8 weeks​
  • 2x45 practical lessons on the road

5999 kr