If police has a reason to assume that a driver no longer meets conditions due to violation of the traffic law, you can get an unconditional or conditional disqualification from driving.

Conditional disqualification
If you violate the traffic law and are ‘conditionally disqualified’ then you retain your driving license when you take and pass a driving test within six months from police's final decision. You also do not violate the Traffic Act during a certain time period of three years otherwise so the driving license must be revoked.

The police will contact you for a driving test, which consists of a theoretical and a practical test. The invitation will be sent to you via e-Box or letter. It will be stated in the letter within which deadline you must have passed the test and to which driving license category the test must be taken. In very special cases, the police can change the deadline.

Unconditional disqualification
If you are ‘unconditionally disqualified’,  you will lose your driving license. This means that you must hand in your driving license to the police. The disqualification period is set at a period between six months and 10 years. In special, aggravating circumstances, you may risk having your driving license permanently.

After the expiration of the revocation period, you must regain the driving license , you must pass a driving test (a theory test and a practical test). You can take the practical driving test at the earliest one month before the expiry of the disqualification period.

If you have received an unconditional disqualification under the influence of drugs or alcohol that have not been taken in accordance with a prescription or driving under the influence of illness, lack of sleep, etc., you must complete a course in alcohol, drugs and traffic (ANT course) before you can take the driving test. You can start the ANT course at the earliest three months before the expiry of the disqualification period. The course is offered by the regions, and you can register or read more about it on the regions' website.

At the same time, the driving test must be passed within the last year before the expiry of the disqualification period and within the last year before the application for re-acquisition of the driving license. Passing the driving test does not exempt from any completion of ANT course.

1. Recovery package - Online Access

This package includes as follows:

  • Access to unlimited online theory and police theory tests​
  • 2x45 practical lessons on the road (after you have passed the theory exam)
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