English Driving School

Trusted Driving School In Copenhagen !!!

The ability to drive is a vital skill to have‚ whether for practical moments, such as picking up the kids from school, or fun times, such as planning a trip abroad. So if you have to drive for business, or just want to drive for pleasure, having a licence can be your ticket to fun, freedom and independence.

Learning to drive in Copenhagen can seem scary sometimes, with busy roads, lots of traffic and different junctions to get used to. Therefore, it’s important you choose to learn with an experienced driving school in Copenhagen.

​Dintrafikskole, offers good experienced instructors and dedicated, unique resources increase your chance of passing. We keep our standards high and only use the best, local driving instructors.

Statutory Car Package

The package includes:

  • 29 theoretical lessons
  • 4 practical lessons on closed track (kravlegård)
  • ​16 practical lessons on the road
  • ​4 practical lessons on the slippery track(glatbane)

​​In total of 53 lessons á 45 min.