Dintrafiskole, offers driving license with automatic transmission ……

The driving instruction for a car with automatic transmission is exactly the same as manual gearbox.
The only requirement is that the practical driving test is taken in a car with automatic transmission.
The advantage of driving a car with automatic transmission is that you can better concentrate on the traffic,
and do not concentrate on gear shifting as well as clutch point.
If you are very unsure of the traffic, it is a good idea to start with automatic transmission. You get a much better overview and thus the inner peace that is necessary for a safe trip.

Driving in automatic transmission

Note that if you have passed your driving license in the car with automatic transmission, you may only drive a car with automatic transmission afterwards!
If you want to drive a car with a manual gearbox, you ONLY have to pass a new practical test but not a new theory test.
When you have been driving for a year or two and have become more familiar with driving, you can "upgrade" so that you also have to drive a car with a manual gearbox.

The car with automatic transmission can also be used for the following:

 - Exchange of foreign driving licenses for Danish
 - Routine driving lessons
 - Trailer driving license

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